Web Design & Online Marketing Pricing

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Take a look at our pricing guide to get an idea of the cost involved in setting up your website or websites depending on what your needs may be. We also offer other optional services for your website and can help assist you with features such as a CMS designed websites, website maintenance, content creation, artwork or graphic creations, local SEO services, regional SEO services, national SEO services, webmaster tools management, website file hosting, domain registration, Ecommerce and shopping cart additions and management, email marketing, ppc, video additions, and cms admin training. We can try to accomodate as much as we can to other services that we may not offer a cost for at this time and will do what we can to make sure we can get you the online services you need.

*Pricing below is a general price and or is just for basic set up of what is listed as included with the site packages. Pricing will vary depending on additions and or needs of every project. These are general starting point prices and pricing may vary.


All Websites include : Mobile Responsive Design, Main Section, About Section, Products or Services Section, Benefits Section, Location or Maps Section, Contact Section, FAQ's Section, Pricing Section, Social Media Linking, & General Onsite SEO

  • Single Page Website
  • single page website

    Starter Site Pack
    STARTING @ $800

  • Multiple Page Website
  • single page website

    Evolve Site Pack
    STARTING @ $1200

  • CMS Website Build
  • single page website

    CMS Site Pack
    STARTING @ $2400

  • Ecommerce Website
  • single page website

    Ecommerce Site Pack
    STARTING @ $3600

  • Website Additions
  • Maintenance & Management Addons

  • $75 Hour | Website Maintenance
    *after initial site build
  • $150 Hour | Emergency Website Maintenance
    *Immediate site maintenance
  • $75 Per Page | Website Page Additions
    *addition during initial site build
  • $125 Image Gallery Addition
    *addition during initial site build
  • $125 Video Gallery Addition
    *addition during initial site build
  • $100 Blog Page Addon
    *addition during initial site build
  • $120 Social Media Integration
    *addition during initial site build
  • $15 Per Article Creation
    *addition during initial site build
  • $24 Year | Domain Renewals & Management
    *for maintaining your domains
  • $60 Year | Hosting Management
    *Setup and maintaining your hosting for your domains.
  • $60 Year | SSL Certificate Setup
    *Setup and renewal for per domain.
  • Off Site Services
  • Online Marketing & Extra Services Offsite Services

  • $60 Year | Google Webmaster Tools Setup & Management
  • $60 Year | Bing Webmaster Tools Setup & Management
  • $75 Per Hour Consultation Fee
  • $75 Per Social Media Account Creation
  • $75 Per Hour Social Media Maintenance
  • $Estimate Social Media Marketing
  • $Estimate PPC | Pay Per Click Management
  • $Estimate SEO | Search Engine Optimization
  • $Estimate Email Campaigns
  • $Estimate Search Engine Marketing


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