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2010 - Graduated from KVCC Started Freelance Web Design

My name is Clayton ORourke and I Graduated from Kalamazoo Valley Community College with an associates degree of applied sciences in Web Design & Interactive Media in 2010. Including major areas of study being in the web design, page layout, & interactive media development. I have been involved in web design & web development for over 13 years having worked as the senior web designer & developer for a national franchise company for 5 years maintaining and managing their main corporate websites as well as their franchise websites. From the conception to the build of the sites to the maintenance, and SEO work.

2018 - Forced to Build Red Goose Design & Media

In 2018 the company I was working full time for decided to cut their marketing department and liquidated their assets selling the business leaving me without full-time work. With a wife and 2 kids at home now it basically forced me to run with my freelance web design business and grow in order to make ends meet. Not all bad though, I have learned to live and work independently and to forge my way into the now with my own skills and determination. Now I am my own boss with no one to rely on for my income other than myself. It can be stressful at times and it can be tough but the reward is much greater and I don't have to worry about someone else closing up shop and leaving me high and dry.

2019 - Covid 19 the fight through a pandemic

The year the world stood still. Covid 19 took ahold of the world and as we struggled to get throught it we were forced to expand our services and offer more than just web design and graphic design. Now our services include web design, web and online services, social media services, graphic design, print services such as screen printing and embroidery, video and media services, and most things in between.

Although it was a tough time getting through the pandemic it was actually pretty good for us. There were alot of calls from people who had been putting off starting those businesses they had wanted to for a while and the pandemic seemed to push them over the edge and get the ball rolling with those projects. We received a lot of calls for new businesses that just had to do something and now was the best time to do so.

2021 - Moving Forward from the Pandemic and More

The pandemic has been rough on everyone we have updated our website and are ready to move on past the pandemic and into the future. With our new site comes a new commitment to our existing customers and our prospective customers who may be in need of our services. We know how hard it has been over the last couple of years and we want everyone to know we are here to assist you in your pursuit to put your best foot forward. If, you need any website, online, graphics, video, or any other services feel free to contact us to see how we can assist you and your business to push forward with us!

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