Radon Action Proclamation

Radon gas is a dangerous and toxic gas that can go undetected and is a health risk to you and your family. Don't let this silent killer take over your home or those of the ones you love.

Contact your Local Mayor or State Governor to request radon action proclamation in your area or state today.
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Radon Action Proclamation Tips

Tips you can use to support radon action in your area by requesting a radon proclamation ! Radon is getting more recognition nationwide and the concern for health related issues from radon gas is growing. Take action today and get involved in the movement to fight the dangers of radon gas.

1. Contact your state or local officials

Call your local mayor or state governors office to find out how they handle issuing a proclamation or find the appropriate person to contact for the issue. You will want to find out if, the process has already been started for a proclamation in your state and or if, the state has already established a governor's proclamation for radon.

If, a radon proclamation already exists for your state then you can contact your local officials to find out If, there is a local proclamation for radon in your area.

If, there is not an existing local radon proclamation then you can leverage your state radon proclamation to help encourage your local officials to establish a radon proclamation.

Find Government Officials in your state or local area.
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2. Write a proclamation

If, a proclamation hasn't been established then you can create a proclamation for your local or state officials to sign to help the proclamation process along.

When creating a radon proclamation you can view the sample proclamation provided and create your own information regarding radon, local statistics, community radon activities during radon action month and any other information needed to create your proclamation.

Or you can simply open the radon proclamation we have provided and fill in the information on the form and print it for your copy to send out to your local or state officials.

View a sample or download and fill out a proclamation

3. Send Proclamation request

After you have created your radon proclamation you will need to create a proclamation request letter to send along with your radon proclamation. You can create your own proclamation request letter or use the local or state proclamation request letters we have set up for you to fill out and print.

Create and fill out request letters, save, and print

4. Follow up on the status

After you have sent in your letter of request with the radon proclamation you may want to call and check on the status of your request. This can be a lengthy process so don't give up, and you may have to call back several times to check on the status of your request as well.

5. Coordinate a proclamation signing

If, you have been in contact with your local or state officials dealing with the set up of the proclamation it would be of benefit to set up a time and place for a signing ceremony with your government official and invite the public to bear witness to the event, including local health programs, as well as community activists and get your community involved.

6. Attract media with the proclamation

You can use the proclamation to get media envolved especially during National Radon Action Month and National Radon Action Week to get the word out and to help create awareness. You can also invite the media to take part in the signing ceremony or other radon related events to help bring awareness in your area.

7. Post the new proclamation publicly

Get permission to post the proclamation publicly and then find places to display the Radon Action Proclamation locally and on a state level.

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