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Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Whiteout Outfitters

come out and experience the thrill! guided spring snow goose hunting in arkansas, missouri, nebraska, and kansas. Book your guided spring snow goose hunts soon.

arkansas spring snow goose hunts

Arkansas Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Snow Goose Hunts in Arkansas

Guided spring snow goose hunts in Arkansas. Hunting snow geese in the spring in rice fields, wheat stubble, and green fields. Arkansas spring snow goose hunts.

missouri spring snow goose hunts

Missouri Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Snow Goose Capital of the World

Guided spring snow goose hunts in Missouri. Hilltops, Corn Stubble, and Tornados! The snow goose capital of the world. Book a Missouri spring snow goose hunts.

nebraska spring snow goose hunts

Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Snows in Corn Husker Land

Guided spring snow goose hunts in Nebraska. Known as the funnel, Where all the snows come together. Guided Nebraska spring snow goose hunts are where it's at.

kansas spring snow goose hunts

Kansas Spring Snow Goose Hunts

Snow geese in the Sunflower State!

Guided spring snow goose hunts in Kansas. The host to several major reservoirs & massive clouds of snow geese. Book a guided spring snow goose hunts in Kansas.


About Whiteout Outfitters

We offer guided spring snow goose hunting during the spring snow goose migration starting in North East Arkansas up through South Dakota. See what the spring snow goose migration has in store for you. Spring snow goose hunting in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota. Contact us for information regarding your next spring snow goose hunting trip.

We have been hunting snow geese for the better part of 2 decades starting way back when spring snow goose hunting kicked off and the conservation order was adapted. Since then we have had to adapt as well, The weather has changed so drastically over the course of time and mobility is playing a more important roll in success. The good ole days of posting up around Squaw Creek are all but a faint memory not to mention a major headache. We have learned that in order to be successful now it's about being mobile and going off the beaten path. We like to hunt in the less guide populated areas where the birds are less pressured and much more user friendly.

Our Philosophy

Whiteout Outifitters philosophy and mission is to provide a safe, fun, and memorable experience in the field for you and your party while on your snow goose hunting trip. Whether we have the opportunity to shoot 100 or shoot 10 we get to share the experiences. To see the spring snow goose migration is a spectical in it's self and can't be described in words. To actually live the experience is both humbling and exciting. We want to make sure that you enjoy your time with us and our team as we chase the spring snow goose migration through the central United States. Some will be lucky to experience the ever sought after snow goose vortex and some will only dream about it. We hope to put you in the eye of a tornado and make it an everlasting experience doing so. Ride along with the whiteout team!

Giving Back!

Not only is it our mission to provide memorable spring snow goose hunting experiences but, it is our responsibility to make sure that we are giving back for the things that we are given. When you book a hunt with us not only are you able to come out and experience the inspiration of a spring migration but, you are also contributing to the beterement of society and helping those less fortunate and in need. We take a portion of the money earned from our hunts and we donate it to Catholic Charities where our donation is distributed to serve many areas of need. Find out more about our donations below!

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arkansas guided spring snow goose hunting missouri guided spring snow goose hunting nebraska guided spring snow goose hunting kansas guided spring snow goose hunting south dakota guided spring snow goose hunting


Spring snow goose hunts take place in layout blinds surrounded by 1000 - 2000 custom windsock decoys. Chasing the migration through-out north east Arkansas as we make our way north through Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. Weather is the biggest factor on where we hunt and depending on the situation we travel where the birds are so we can give out clients the best opportunity to shoot a pile of snow geese.

One of the most amazing specticles to behold! It is truely a one of a kind opportunity to witness first hand the awe of the reverse migration as the birds of north america push their way back to their breeding grounds. The season was introduced a short time ago to combat the over abudance of the snow geese and the havoc they leave in their wake, tearing up not only crops as they push north but also leaving their own nesting grounds a vast wasteland in turn starving out the other animals that use the tundra as a life source as well. To some this season is a way to extend waterfowl season and spend a few more days under the blind lids. To others it is a first time chance to see what the real migration looks like in full swing. To us it is the life blood of our season. We wait in anticipation as the days pass by and the regular waterfowl season is behind us. With winter grasping on the edge and spring waiting to explode it can be a frustrating yet rewarding experience.

When you finally sit underneath the eye of the tornado and feel the vibration of the wings give motion to your blinds and the defening of the train as it looms overhead you can't help but feel all of your emotions well up at the same time and leave you speachless at what mother nature has created. If you truely enjoy chasing the migration or being witness to one of earths greatest specticles, then make sure you make it a point to come see these massive flocks of snow geese as they trudge their way north overtaking the crop fields of the central and mississippi flyways. Don't miss out, come join us on a hunt.


spring snow goose hunt dates
February 1st - April 9th

Snow goose hunts in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, & South Dakota



spring snow goose hunting prices
Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Snow Goose Hunting Cost

Depends on the state and how many people you have in your party

We now offer all inclusive packages: including 3 day, full day hunts, lodging, breakfast, and dinner *minimum of 4 people per hunt and 50% deposit to hold dates required.


spring snow goose hunt payments
Spring Snow Goose Hunt Deposits



Offering Waterfowl Hunts and goose hunts in Ontario Canada

We also work with a local Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter in Ontario Canada. So you may also contact us for any booking information or to book a Canadian Goose hunt in Ontario Canada. Come and experience some of the best Giant Canadian Goose hunts in the entire North American continent. Shoot large numbers of Giant Canadian geese in the early season with bag limits of 8 - 10 Canada geese per hunter, or in the late season of 5 Canada geese per hunter. These hunts are some of the best and the outfit has been featured on The Grind Waterfowl TV and previously on The Dawn Patrol DVD Series brought to you by Rig'em Right Waterfowl. So Contact us today to find out about a hunt with Fall Flight Outdoors located in Southern Ontario Canada.

Contact Whiteout Outfitters

Contact us today to find out about a guided spring snow goose hunting trip this upcoming spring season. If we don't answer the mobile number listed above please leave a voice mail and we will be happy to return your call ASAP. Or if you don't feel like leaving a voicemail or calling us directly you can contact us VIA email which is also located above or you can conveniently fill out our contact form and let us know what you maybe looking for and we can contact you from the form information. Thank you for checking us out and we look forward to seein you and your party in the field this spring.

Whiteout Field Guides

Our guides are die hard and dedicated to giving you the experience that you wont soon forget. Day in and day out they put themselves out there in the field to make sure that you have the best opportunity to get into some huge flocks of snow geese as they make their way back north. Our guides are the heart and soul of our operation and with out them none of it is possible. Hunt with guys who know what it takes to get underneath a vortex of snow geese and make it happen.

clay snow goose hunting guide
Clay ORourke
joe snow goose hunting guide
Joe Griffin
matt snow goose hunting guide
Matt Peters
kam snow goose hunting guide
Kam Perry
cody snow goose hunting guide
Cody Braat

Client Information

What to bring

  • Shotgun | 12 gauge or larger is suggested
  • Ammunition | roughly 2 boxes a day (just a good estimate) | 2 shot or larger suggested
  • License | for the state you are booked for
  • Gear | for all weather never know what mother nature may bring
  • Waders | they come in handy if we end up on a pond or hunting around sheet water
  • Snacks | or sack lunches we hunt all day and may break for lunch
  • Garbage Bags | we accumulate alot of trash in our blinds & for bird cleaning
  • Cooler | for snacks and for transporting birds
  • Cushions | the blinds may be uncomfortable for some and cushions may be good
  • Dogs | they can come in handy and are welcome with in reason
  • Cameras | you may want to get pictures of your hunts
  • Tags | your info on them for tagging your harvested birds atleast name address phone number

Outfitter Policies

  • Payment in full is due last day in January
  • Liability waivers are due with balance payment
  • Signing liability waiver you take responsibility for your actions
  • Hunts are not gauranteed mother nature is impossible to tame
  • We do not clean birds but arrangements can be made if needed
  • Following ethics and laws, if you do anything that falls outside of that we will ask you to leave with no refund.
  • Our guides hunt too, they will not shoot in front of you but it's always good to have an extra gun
  • You claim your harvested waterfowl, we are not in anyway responsible for them after they are harvested
  • We do not have anything to do with any other reservations outside of the guide service we offer
  • We do not provide food or lodging, it is your responsibility. Though we can help if needed

Liability Waiver

  • Whiteout Outfitters or anyone acting inside of Whiteout Outfitters is not responsible or liable for anything that happens to you, your property, or any member, or members property involved in your hunting party while on a guided hunt or while on your trip involving the booking of our guide service. We are not responsible or liable for anything that you bring or take home with you from the trip involving our services. You except full responsibility for you and your actions during any part of your trip or hunting trip.

  • * PRINT & SIGN




We offer an exclusive video package service where we film the hunts that you have booked with us and then we put together a DVD with your hunting footage. A great way to capture the hunt and the experiences that you shared with your friends or family on your spring snow goose hunting adventure.
* all footage is subject to promotional use by the outfitter and is the sole property of the outfitter. By siging up for a video package you are authorizing us to use and or distribute the hunting footage recorded and you are herby acknowledging that it is our right to use the footage however we see fit.

  • 1 Stationary Camera : $150/day
  • 2 Stationary Camera's : $250/day
  • 3 Stationary Camera's : $350/day
  • Camera Man Package : $500/day and includes 3 stationary camera's
  • *All filmed hunts include up to 6 DVD's with option to purchase extra's and are weather dependant.