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Video Marketing for Seniors: 4 Tips for Promoting Your Company

Video Marketing for Seniors: 4 Tips for Promoting Your Company

Plenty of retirees start small businesses to bring in extra income during their golden years and engage in interesting professional projects.

Video Marketing and Tips for Your Company

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Author: Carleen Moore
Photo Credit: Pexels

Plenty of retirees start small businesses to bring in extra income during their golden years and engage in interesting professional projects. Today, engaging in video marketing can help any business owner connect with more customers in a highly personal way - and for seniors who want to expand their digital marketing strategies, video marketing can be a fun, creative new direction!

Red Goose Design & Media can help senior entrepreneurs get started with video marketing. If you’re a senior business owner, you can try out some of these tips to maximize the value of video marketing for your company.

Create a Comprehensive Brand Identity

First, it’s important to consider how the videos you incorporate into your marketing strategy will complement your brand’s visual aesthetic. This can help you make sure that all of your branded materials look cohesive. For example, you can consider your usual color scheme and the fonts you like and include these elements in your videos.

Producing quality video starts with good lighting, an especially important aspect in this increasingly competitive marketing arena. Natural light can greatly enhance your videos, so allow as much natural light as possible to stream in. Of course, this entails making sure your windows are clean and free of obstructions. To have your windows cleaned on a regular basis, farm out the task to a local pro, which is made easy thanks to Angi.com. Just search online for “window washer near me” and use Angi to narrow your choice. Expect to pay between $2 and $7 per glass pane to be cleaned, a smart investment when it comes to creating your best vids.

And in addition to video graphics, you’ll want to include your company’s logo in video marketing materials! If you don’t already have a logo, it’s time to create one. The right logo will help you earn brand recognition, make a memorable first impression on new customers, and most importantly, distinguish you from your competitors.

Business Partnerships With Non-Competitors

Through partner marketing, you can tap into another company’s audience and establish a mutually beneficial relationship. However, the key to a successful partnership marketing initiative is partnering up with a non-competitor. Reach out to an entrepreneur who sells products that your interest might be interested in rather than the same products.

You and your partner can think outside the box when it comes to video marketing. You could film and record a webinar presentation together, post relevant promotional content on each other’s social media accounts to advertise complementary products or services, or create product demonstration videos together. The sky's the limit! This can be a great way to learn from entrepreneurs with more experience working with video.

Share Video Content on Social Media

Many entrepreneurs stick to sharing images and text on social media, but by posting polished videos, you can make your company’s profiles stand out! Wordstream recommends investing heavily in Facebook video advertising, creating shorter videos for Instagram, and sharing brief videos on Twitter that showcase your product within the first ten seconds. If your products or services are aimed towards a professional audience, you can also create videos for LinkedIn!

Include Videos on Your Website

You can also include videos on your company’s website! This can improve your virtual presence and help you encourage potential customers to spend more time on your site. For instance, if you have several blog posts explaining how to use your product, and you think that your audience could benefit from visual demonstrations, why not produce and share accompanying

videos? ImpactPlus also recommends collecting video testimonials from your customers to display as social proof on your website.

Video marketing can help your business stand out in the crowded digital landscape. Plus, producing video marketing materials can be an innovative project for retirees! By integrating videos into your marketing initiatives, you can show a whole new side of your business online.

Want to launch a video marketing strategy for your company? Red Goose Design & Media can help you grow your business with video! Call us today and let’s team up! 269-365-4125

Photo Credit: via Pexels

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