Content Clause
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Date Published : April 13th, 2020

Web Design Content Clause, Website Design Content Clause, & Web Development Content Clause for new websites or website updates. Our project content clause.

Content Clause

We submit our information, site edits, & other content for review on Mondays by the end of the business day. Review and approvals are due by the end of the day Saturday of that week so, that we can start our next steps in the development process on the following Mondays.

If, content or review and approvals are not established during that time frame it will push out the completed date of your projects development and will end up costing more time and possibly more money.

If, it begins to become an interference to our other projects we will have to charge a late fee of $75 per occurrence. Note that if, the project time frame exceeds the original estimated completion date it is not our responsibility and we cannot and will not be held responsible or liable for those increase in times and or completion date extensions. There are also things out of our control on our end that may cause the project to be extended and if needed we will contact you via email to inform you of any project extensions for unforeseen reasons.

If, it is needed to have more time for your content collection, reviews, & edits please let us and know by contacting us by phone at 269-365-4125 and by email at so that we can try to plan accordingly.

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