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Date Published : July 29th, 2020

Pro-Bono Web Design, Pro-Bono web development, Pro-Bono online services, Pro-Bono graphic design, Pro-Bono screen printing and more options. Our Pro Bono options for our services here at Red Goose Design and Media.

Pro Bono Web Design and Graphic Design

We are offering Pro-Bono work for Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Services, & Online Media. If, you need a web site for a worthy cause then please contact us in Jackson Michigan to see if it is something that we might be able to help you with. We are not offering Pro Bono work for just any project it has to meet certain criteria in order for us to assist with the project and donate our time and services.

The process to get started is to contact us VIA phone, email, or submit our contact form with the message containing information about your project. After contacting us we will review your information and gather specifics with you and find out if, the project is concidered in our scope of work that we would be willing to offer our Pro Bono Design Services we will then notify you of our determination. Following our final decision if, the project is qualified for our Pro Bono Design Services we will be in contact in regards to getting the project started and requirements for the project scope.

Donations for the project can be accepted but, not required in return for services as well, as everyone knows that time is money and as many of us we have families to take care of as well and every little bit helps.

Please if, you have a service or business that is set up for the greater good and would like to get assistance with your design needs online or otherwise contact us to see if, we can be of assistance because we are here to help our fellow man as well as put our best foot forward because if, we don't work together we will all fall apart. Thanks you and we look forward to building lasting relationships with you and your team in the near future!

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