CMS Web Design

CMS Web Design or Content Management Systems Web Design is building and developing a website with a CMS platform. A CMS Platform is a (GUI) Graphic User Interface, A GUI is basically an easy way for the end user to be able to work with a websites data and backend without having to have a working knowledge of web development making it a useful tool for clients to be able to manage content that is added to their website without having to constantly be in contact with their web designer or web developer.

There are many options for a CMS Website platform such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Wix, and many other options. Each CMS platform works a little differently but the basic concept and logic is the same. The biggest difference is the admin panel and the ease of use it provides for the end user.

Our preferred CMS Platform is Joomla and we feel that it is the most robust and user friendly of the CMS platforms with the best level of security. Wordpress is probably the most widely used CMS Platform out there and it is a good option however we feel there is a lack of security that comes with Wordpress with security vulnerabilities due to the many plug-ins that it has that can allow hacking to occur.

All in all the use of a CMS platform to create and build your website is a very versatile and useful way to be able to manage your website and be able to expand on the capabilities and the features that you would like to incorporate into your site and or business. The biggest value for our customers and the most useful part of the CMS platform is that it gives you the ability to add images and videos to galleries, create your own articles for blog posts, news articles, events, and many more article abilities making it such a practical tool for you and your business to be able to grow your online presence the way you want to and at the pace you want.

  • Joomla

  • Wordpress

  • Squarespace

  • Wix

  • Wix

  • Google