Landing Page Web Design

A Landing Page is a web site that is a single page website that is created for small businesses who either only need a small online presence or for getting started with a new online presence and something that you can build and expand off of as your business grows. Landing pages also can be used for marketing or advertising as a place for people to land after they click on a specific link in digital advertising space. This happens in email marketing campaigns, google ppc advertising, bing ppc advertising, YouTube advertising, Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, twitter advetising and many more forms of digital or social media advertising. Landing page sites are mostly utilized as a marketing tool for tracking advetising with one main purpose and that is a call to action from the user. There is not a lot to them and they like other main or business website who offer a lot of content and user exploration they only really are designed to get people to contact your business or service with ease.

With Landing page web design we focus on making sure that the end result is getting the customers or patrons to you directly by email or phone call. Unlike your main website or a brand website that will feature everything there is to know about a business and it's services as a whole.

Types of Landing Pages

Lead Generation Landing Pages

These landing page sites or landing pages are created for form captures and utilize user forms to get people to request information directly from the company or business. This is a good way for businesses to get leads for sales of products and services because they know that those people are actually looking for what they have or offer. If, someone fills out the information and submits the form then that person is actively looking for what they are offering making it an easier sale.

Click Through Landing Pages

Click Through Landing Pages are created to get someone directly to purchase services or checkout for products or services. This is similar to the lead generation landing page except for that it gets the propective customer right to check out instead of creating a lead that needs to be contacted back for products or services.