Business Listing Management

Business Listing Management and Why It's Important?

Business Listing Management seems like a random thing that you really don't need to worry about right? Wrong, if you are not utilizing or maintaining your business listings then you are missing out on potential customers and or losing existing customers not good right?

If, you are a business that started up a while ago and when the internet started gaining traction you thought it would be a good idea to add your business on as many listing sites as you could find well that's all good for then but now you are left with a bunch of outdated information and misrepresentation of your business. Maybe your phone number is wrong, your address is wrong, your hours are wrong, and many other possibilities as you can see this is not a good way to portray your business to potential customers. It happens more than you know when someone finds this information and they cant get ahold of you, or they go to your old location, or your hours have changed it will ultimately push your existing customers or potential customers into someone else's door. Either way, you can see how something as simple as business listing management can greatly help your business in the long run. These are simple yet tedious things that can be fixed but you need time to run your business and don't have time to monkey around with finding these accounts and or changing the information and oh yeah find the login and password you created 10 years ago for those listings. this is where we can come in and take the hassle out of dealing with it for you at an affordable cost and overall could potentially save you a lot of money in the long run. If, you are unsure or are even know that you have old listings that need updating please feel free to reach out to us to find out how we can assist you and your business with your online business listings making sure your customers don't end up on the phone with someone else!