In Person Assistance & Consultations

In Person Assistance & Consultations and What We Can Do For You?

Providing in-person assistance and in-person consultations on-site at your business or specified meeting place. We will meet with you in person for assistance on your website needs or website training. There are many reasons you may need to have assistance with updating or adding information to your website. If you have a CMS website then you may need training in adding blogs, articles, events, images, videos, or any other content that you are managing yourself on your website. In these cases, we will come to you to assist in consultations for making sure you properly know how to access the website's administrator panel and then assist in helping you understand how to properly and safely add content to your CMS website. Whatever the reason for in-person assistance we are glad to take time out and meet you and assist you with your website or online needs whenever issues may arise. Please feel free to contact us to find out how we can assist you in person today!