Online Brand Assessment

Online Brand Assessment and what it means to you and your business?

Let me start by letting you know why it is important. Say you are looking for a business online and you do a search for the business by name, that search brings up a multitude of options for you to choose from that are all the same business. You are trying to find the address or phone number for that specific business and the first link that is listed is a business listing in yelp or yellow pages and you try to call the number that is listed and do not get through but instead get a disconnected line. That business changed it's phone number about a year ago and you see where I am going with this, you just lost a customer and they are on to the next guy simply because you had a business listing that was outdated.

Another instance that I personally have come across in my search experience was the address change or hours of operation being wrong, there have been many times I was out and about and checked addresses and or hours of operation to a business and either the address was wrong or the hours of operation were wrong and to put it bluntly I was a little pissed off and basically wrote that business off and found others for my needs.

So, you see what I am talking about here, simple errors in old business listings, multiple social media accounts, and so on and so forth can cause you to lose customers very easily without you really doing anything at all to lose those customers. The other issue is that it just plain looks bad and or can affect your overall ranking in search engines. With an Online Brand Assessment we can find out where there may be discrepancies that need correcting as well as freshening up those listings logos, images, information, and much more can help with your overall online presence for you and your business. Keep your best foot forward and make sure that your business and or brand are properly being displayed across all platforms and locations on the internet. Contact us to get started with your online brand assessment and fix your outdated information and don't lose out on easy money from customers you would never ever lose if it were not for simple errors like the ones we talked about above.