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Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO and Why it Makes a Difference?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the key to keeping your website ranking and relavent to your customers or prospective customers when they do a search on google, bing, or any othersearch engine.

SEO is a strategy of building your website and the information that you and your website offer the internet in a way that best suites the search engine algorythms, In other words SEO is basically making your website the best pick for google or bing in their search queries based on your main subject.

While there are many SEO companies out there that like to make promises and persuade you that they will ultimately get you on page one of google if you sign up for their hefty subscriptions we are not one of those companies. There really is no way to promise that anyone can get you on page one of search except for google themselves. Since they are the one that writes the algorythm that determines how websites rank and they dont publically disclose that information and only give you best practices and some guidelines to follow then I am not sure how anyone can make a promise or give a guarantee for any such thing. There is no template to follow to make sure you get to number one in search, there is no list of things to specifically check off a list that I know of to reach that number one spot, and there definitly is no way to contact google directly and ask them what is needed to get there either.

We do know that there are specific things that work for getting sites to rank better than others we can not make you a promise that we will get you on page one of google but we can promise that we will follow and make the most updated recommended edits on site and off site to get your site in the best position we can to get you in the eyes of those who need to find you. This is not a cookie cutter operation that plugs in the information and magically you are the best on the internet for your chosen subject. So, don't get caught by one of those cold call companies that will trap you into a contract of services that only ends up costing you more money than its worth in the long run.

Our process is simple we will work with you directly to meet your website needs on and offsite to make sure your website and any information about your business and website are the most releavant that we can make them for your customers and your prospective customers. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your SEO needs and get your website where you and your customers want it to be.

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